Drawings of Old Venice by John M Canal

Chabot Fine Art Gallery is pleased to welcome John M Canal the great, great, great, great nephew of “Caneletto” Giovanni Antonio Canal. Canal’s works are fine-line fully crosshatched drawings with a touch of watercolor. His drawings are interpretations of and inspired by a series of oil paintings done during the Venetian Republic by Giovanni Antonio Canal. They reflect the times of the Venetian Republic 18th century Venice, as well as Rome, Italy and London, England.

Each of John M Canal’s works takes thousands of hours over many months to create. His highly detailed drawings reflect his meticulous hand and patient dedication to his work as he re-imagines and reiterates his heritage. Canal comes from a long line of Venetian and Milanese View artists, which is evident in his works. Each line is precisely placed in order to construct the story of Canaletto’s past. Through Canal’s delicate use of selective color, small details come to light as the narrative unfolds. John M Canal lives and creates his masterpieces in Toronto, Ontario.

September 18th – October 13th

Opening Reception: September 20th 5-9pm
Special Event: September 21, 5-7pm
John M Canal will be present at both events

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