Beauty & Diversification of Nature

Chabot Fine Art Gallery is pleased to present “Beauty & Diversification” in Nature by Jim Grabowski & Robin Wessman”. These two very talented artists have created magnificent works that capture the visual and emotional diversity found only in nature. Inspired by their natural surroundings Grabowski & Wessman illuminate the canvas with impressive power and beauty by their use of natural light, color and composition. Truly an emotional journey as they pursue the beauty & diversity of nature in their respective styles in this exciting collection.

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April 16th– May 11th
Opening Reception – April 18th 5-9pm

"The River"

The River by Robin Wessman

For many years Robin spent a great deal of time on the rivers of New England paddling kayaks and canoes. Not only was it great exercise and relaxing, but it helped him learn to appreciate what nature had to offer. Understanding how to read the water in the river gave him great insight into many characteristics of water. Realizing that all water is actually alive and changing constantly made a big impression on how he approached water in his paintings.
The rivers also provided some great scenes that could only be seen from the water such as the one in this painting

"Slow Motion Sand"

Slow Motion Sand by Jim Grabowski

In recent years Grabowski has received commissions for his abstract painting from more than one hundred national and international corporations, among them Pratt & whitney, Connecticut National Bank, General Electric, IBM, Aetna Life and Casualty, Otis Elevator, SNET, and First Jersey Securities. His work has also been sought by non-profit organizations such as Connecticut Public Television, the New Haven Symphony and the Hartford Graduate Center. In each of his large and dynamic paintings Mr. Grabowski seeks to reflect the values of his clients, to interpret their inspirations,and to enhance their working environments. Pat Seremet, former Java column writer for the Hartford Courant named Grabowski “Painter to the Corporate Stars”

Grabowski’s works in this collection are filled with abstraction inspired by the magnificent hues of color found in nature.

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