Photos at Opening Reception of “Freedom of Expression”

July 16, 2009: Joyce de Weldon, widow of world renowned sculptor Felix de Weldon, and Marine Veteran Walter Marx visit the Chabot Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. Marine Sergeants Hanna and Willis received a citation from the City of Providence to the United States Marine Corps for their service to our country.

Walter Marx (veteran), United Marine Sergeants Hanna & Willis, Domine Vescera Ragosta,  Lee & Chris Chabot, Joyce de Weldon

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In recognition of the commemorative 40th Anniversary of America’s launch to the moon, Chabot Fine Art Gallery unveils the “Man Reaching To Outer Space” sculpture by world-renowned sculptor Felix de Weldon. The sculpture was created in 1957 and was never published. It is now cast in bronze with a special limited edition of 195 pieces. Included in the purchase is a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Felix de Weldon before his passing.

“Man reaching To Outer Space” was inspired by the space age and represents mankind united in pursuit of its dream to reach beyond the earth’s limitations and conquer the heavens.

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