Ken Maloney

A South African artist situated in Mulbarton Johannesburg, Kenneth is known for his 3 Dimensional Art, modern paintings and acrylics. He also creates beautiful decorative interior and exterior pots with special paint techniques.

Breathtaking, real and unique are words that spring to mind when you look at Ken’s work for the first time. His art pieces of remarkable three-dimensional masterpieces are alive and ever changing depending on from which angle they are viewed. Strategically placed lights in each piece add atmosphere and perspective assisting in creating an illusion of realism.

There is a limited edition (50) of each piece that is numbered, sealed and certified. Kenneth paints each piece individually. Each time he starts on a new piece “it is as painting on a clean canvas,” Kenneth says, thus, not one piece is the same as he plays with different colors and ideas all the time.

Kenneth’s art works are not only unique but need to be seen to be fully appreciated!

For more information about Maloney’s available works, please contact the gallery.