Kids Art Classes

Art Classes – Fall Schedule 2017

Art has been proven to assist in children’s concentration levels and attention spans.  When your child is engrossed in an art project their focus is intense.  They are not distracted by external elements like television or games.  Developing this level of concentration will assist in other areas of life where a significant amount of focus is required. Attending art classes will have children interacting with other students, this opens up many new social possibilities as well as developing the child’s communication and social skills. The importance of encouragement and praise should also not be overlooked in the development of a young person’s personality.  Children feel a huge sense of accomplishment when they complete an artwork.  When they are congratulated for their efforts they receive a boost to their confidence levels and self-esteem.

Lee Chabot owner and artist of Chabot Studio & Fine Art Gallery winner of the Best of RI award and Donald Chabot an award-winning art teacher with 40 years of experience in teaching young children will teach the art classes. Other experience teachers may participate in some of the classes

 Kids Ten Week Saturday Classes  Ages 5-13  9am – 11am

Kids After School Art Classes - Two Sessions Tuesday or Thursdays Ages 5-13  4-6pm

All our Fall art classes are designed to inspire the children in creating works for the Autumn and Holiday Seasons while having fun. Full of exciting mediums including, Mixed Media, 3D, Printing, Painting, Drawing, Mask Making for Halloween, Painting of a Pumpkin, Creating a Cornucopia and an Origami Christmas Tree for the holidays and many more exciting creative adventures in art. We will engage the children creatively to help them experience their inner artistic abilities to create works that they will be proud to show you their parents and relatives and perhaps even give as gifts for their Holiday gift giving. A PowerPoint presentation of famous artists will be on view during the classes for inspiration and education.

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All Classes are held at the

Laurel Grange  

347 Snake Hill Road, Harmony RI

At the Corner of Saw Mill Road and Snake Hill Road

For more information, please contact Chris Chabot 401-432-7783